Buy a part of a private jet in co-property, the ideal business travel solution and investment

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A Share of a private jet is the optimal private aviation solution for personal or business jet travelers who fly 50 or more hours per year and prefer the benefits of owning the asset.

Own your own asset with a minimum commitment.
Downgrades guaranteed; upgrades subject to availability
Notice time : Guaranteed with as little as 4-6 hours’ notice depending on share size and aircraft type.

Benefits of fractional ownership

  • Lower initial investment compared to full ownership
  • Aircraft availability guaranteed
  • Depreciation
  • Choice of aircraft size
  • The planes are managed and maintained by an expert team of professionals
  • No charge (usually) for dead cap or repositioning charges
  • Possibility of guaranteed plane buyback (after 5 years)


- For fractional jet ownership contracts, the acquisition cost is a one-time investment based on the share size and type of aircraft purchased

- For the private jet lease program, there is no capital acquisition; instead, lessees have a monthly fee for the term of the contract that is based on the type of aircraft chosen

In both programs, the size of the share purchased or leased determines how many hours the aircraft is available to the Owner annually

Monthly Management Fees : This fixed monthly private jet management fee covers indirect operating costs, such as pilot salaries and training, insurance, and hangar space.

Fuel Variable Rate : The exact amount of fuel consumed will vary per flight depending on many factors, including weather, runway conditions, and aircraft performance. The variable fuel rate is applied to each flight and is dependent on the type of aircraft owned and our cost of fuel in the prior month.

A one-hour minimum flight requirement is commonplace in the private aviation industry. For flights under an hour in duration, Owners may still be charged for the full hour. At Global Airjet, there aren’t extra charges for short flights. We leverage the largest fleet in private aviation and our sophisticated operational infrastructure to make sure Owners are only charged for the hours they fly.

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