About us

Excellence in the Skies Since 2019

Our Genesis

In the heart of a world in flux, marked by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and intricate geopolitical landscapes, Aeroventure was born. Established in 2019, we embarked on a mission not just to navigate these complex skies but to master them, ensuring that every client, whether governmental or private, not only soars but excels.

Our Expertise

Diversity in expertise isn’t just our strength – it’s our essence. Our team is a blend of legal luminaries, operational maestros, and retired air force generals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge, insights, and experience that transcends traditional boundaries. We don’t just understand the skies; we speak their language, ensuring that every client navigates with precision, confidence, and excellence.

Legal Experts: Navigating the intricate dance of legal frameworks with authority, ensuring compliance, and precision in every operation.

Operational Maestros: Masters of efficiency, transforming every flight into a symphony of performance, safety, and excellence.

Retired Air Force Generals: With international expertise, turning the complex terrains of global skies into pathways of unbridled opportunities.

Our Journey

In a world marked by change, Aeroventure has stood as the unwavering ally to a diverse clientele. We’ve transformed challenges into triumphs, complexities into opportunities, ensuring that in the intricate dance of global skies, our clients don’t just participate – they lead.

From the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to the intricate dance of geopolitical crises, Aeroventure has been the silent force, the unwavering ally, and the trusted partner, turning uncertainties into certainties, risks into rewards.

Our Commitment

Every client, every operation, and every challenge is unique. At Aeroventure, we tailor our solutions, ensuring that expertise isn’t just provided but is personalized, turning the global skies into personalized pathways of opportunities, safety, and excellence.

Our Team


Guillaume SCHAER


Former French Army General

Air Force


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