Who is today’s typical private jet customer ?

Who is today’s typical private jet customer ?

There’s a lot of guesswork and stereotypes surrounding who flies by private jet, but we're in the position to give real data-driven customer insights about today’s private jet user.

Some of the characteristics of the typical private jet user may come as a surprise to those outside the industry, particularly the popularity of more light jets and short distance flights. There’s more crossover between the profile of the private jet user and the airline passenger than many might imagine.

Moreover, Covid-19 has drastically changed the industry - at a time where flying was almost impossible, a wide range of the population that would never have imagine using a private jet, started using empty legs and private flights.

The typical private jet customer chooses an ‘air taxi’ style Citation Mustang.

Today’s private jet customer is driven by the time-saving and convenience of private air travel which, while more expensive than airline travel, is not the preserve of A-list celebrities or the super-rich, travelling in large and lavish jets.

The typical Private Jet User in 2021 is :

  • A man, in his 40's, mostly travels with three or four other passengers
  • He flies from London to Paris (the most enquired route)
  • He flies in a Citation Mustang, a small four-seater “air taxi” style jet (prices start from £3,500 for a one-way flight from London to Paris)
  • He books his flight at late notice – just a week before take-off
  • He’ll take off at 11am on a Friday, the most popular time to fly

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