How much does a private flight really cost ?

How much does a private flight really cost ?

Global Airjet offers you the tailor-made rental of your private jet at the best price, at no additional cost.

NUMBER OF INTERMEDIARIES (the biggest problem!)

They all want their piece of cake. So you'll pay the price of the actual operator, and sometime one, two or even three brokers. As an average, be aware that one broker take 15% on the operator price. Sometimes a little less (10%), some other times much more 20%. 

At Global Airjet, when we act as a broker and not an operator, we are transparent and announce our percentage straight: because all of our work and partnerships, availability deserves to be paid, we only take 7% - and sometimes, to be even more competitive we go down at 5% according to the type of flight and plane. 

The jetting sector is not as strict as the yachting industry, where MYBA actually determines the percentage for brokers at a maximum of 15%. For all brokers. So at least, you know what you're paying for. In the jet industry unfortunately, brokers are able to do what they want, at the price they want and are truly exaggerating.

Except from that, what decides the prices?

The number of travelers
The number of bags

-the catering service
-special requests (WiFi, berths, etc.).
-Everything is possible :) 

-Departure and return dates: do you want to fly away for a weekend? In Week ? During the holidays ?
-duration of stay: do you want to make the round trip during the day or stay a few days on site?
-schedules: private aircraft flights take place outside the schedules generally used by commercial airliners.
-The price of the private jet rental will be more economical if you choose to make a round trip during the day. Why ? Airline operators immobilize the aircraft at the place of destination if the duration of the appointment is short. For a longer stay, the plane leaves empty at its base, which affects the final price.

-number of pilots and stewardesses on board
-travel costs: depending on the destination and the length of the stay, the costs related to the crew are your responsibility (hotel nights, return flights empty or not, etc.)

-airport fees: they are multiple and include the landing tax, parking, the hangar, the fee due at the airport, the transfer of travelers, the services offered within the aerodrome, etc.
-the costs of servicing and maintenance of the device fuel
Chartering planes necessarily generates costs related to airports and their maintenance.

-the distance between the departure airport and the destination: the flight time
destination-related taxes such as Italian taxes, VAT etc.
-Depending on the elements mentioned above, the rental price is modulated. Our experts will define the type of private plane that suits the client's request. Indeed, business jets have their own characteristics, more or less adequate to the desired requirements. It is also this essential element, the choice of jet, which determines the price of a rental.
-The destination could also be a difficult and risky one. No worries, we know how to deal with this and with the best pilot 

The price related to the rental of the jet also depends on the elements listed here:
-size: adapted to the number of passengers (passengers and crew);
-hold: volume of baggage to be transported;
-range: depending on the desired destination, we will choose among the different models of private planes. The category of the rented private jet and its cruising speed affect the cost. Indeed, a very light jet is more suitable for short trips within a range of 2,000 km than a heavy jet, which is more suitable for a long-haul flight;
-comfort: the level of comfort and the services requested according to your needs (catering, cabin layout, etc.) guides us on a type of jet from our available fleet.
-Age of the device.

Other technical elements change the price of a flight, such as obtaining a hangar at night. Some airports are very busy in summer but are nevertheless small, this is the case of small business airports such as Figari, Saint Tropez, Ibiza or Mykonos. These airports have very structured operating processes that we take into account as an air broker in order to prevent any misunderstanding on the price for our customers. Indeed, if the jet cannot park overnight due to lack of space, the captain takes the aircraft to a nearby and less congested airport. This then generates additional flight costs which increase the price of the rental.