7 surprising facts You MUST Know About Flying PRIVATE

7 surprising facts You MUST Know About Flying PRIVATE

  • The Truth about Flying Private: it is NOT as expensive as you think 
  • Fly private is not that expensive, with corporate jet, the break even number is 4. Meaning, that having 4 people fly private is cheaper than having them fly commercial, and we are not even counting the value of time and productivity. You don’t believe it, do the maths yourself, go, check, compare! 

  • Tremendous accessibility: Private Jets have access to 10 times more airports
  • Flying private allows you to reach multiple destinations quickly and efficiently, it is the perfect option for people who need to get to places not well served by scheduled airlines. So that you understand, Private jets (which are powered by gas turbine engines, as opposed to pistons or props) utilize a network of more than 5,000 airports in the U.S, while commercial airlines only reach 550 !

  • 2/3 of passengers say they are more productive on a private jet than in the office
  • Flying private means more privacy, silence, according to the traveler needs. Therefore it increases productivity, efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to work 10 000 feet above the land, with no distractions, and 100% convenience.

  • Time convenient: you don’t have to book your flight months ahead
  • 44 % of customers make a booking the same day of their enquiry, and 20 percent within a day. Overall, 90 percent of bookings were made within a week of enquiry. Moreover, you don’t have to wait in a long queue, go through endless security doors and checkups.  No waiting, no crowds, no lines. It's effortless and optimal.

  • Private fly is safer than your bathtub…
  • Flying privately is extremely safe. In fact, you are 50 times more likely to die drowning in your bathtub (5,000 people per year) than in a private aviation accident (under 100). Also, you're less exposed to Covid-19 these days.

  • Private Jets are pet-friendly
  • Your best friend does not have to be drugged, to sleep on a cage during your flight. Your pet can travel safe and sound in a private jet.

  • Private jets make over 15,000 humanitarian flights per year
  • Private jets are sometimes the only aircrafts able to access communities with little or no airline service.